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Submit ya pics
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my father set the camera on the tripod and took this picture and developed it himself…so I guess that’s where I got the self portrait thing from.

This is beautiful :)

Thank you :-)

Y’all are such a beautiful family
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holy hands

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Anonymous asked:
I was asked a question on why do African americans and Africans have so much animosity towards each other and why do we act superior over one another and I was wondering what you thought about that? I love your blog btw


IGNORANCE is the cause !
Ignorance means lack of knowledge or information & it’s not an insult.
When you truly know who you are there are things you just don’t do. Africa in the diaspora knows one part of the story & African in the continent knows the other part of the story, but most of us do not want to connect the stories. However those who do enjoy the fruits. Don’t you find it strange that ignorant African from the diaspora travel to Africa easily connect with the white man rather than the African in the continent? Ignorant African from Africa easily connect with the white man when they go to the white man’s world rather than the African in the diaspora?
Who taught you to hate yourself ?

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